Return of the 13th

April 25, 2019


If you're a fan of mine, or really if you know anything about me at all, you probably know I had a podcast: The 13th Story - an interview program devoted strictly to Horror.  The show didn't last long, only four episodes, because I had three guests fall through in short order.  After that, I've been considering a relaunch with a new format, but haven't gotten around to it.  And it appears now that I don't have to.

Recently one of the guests, who fell through, emailed me and we had a bit of a back-and-forth.  At the end of which, I had a scheduled guest.  Two days later a former guest, filmmaker Gino Alfonso, hit me up on Twitter and recommended a friend of his.  An email exchange later with a booking agent, and actor Robert Hall was booked.  So, things are definitely on the up-swing with the podcast.


As for writing, I'm making steady progress on a new novel project.  Actually trying something a little different.  I call it "situational horror."  To see what the f' I mean by that, I guess you'll have to buy the book - maybe.  I'm actually giving serious thought to releasing my latest (currently untitled novel) by chapter with free access.


With everything else going on, I'm also getting ready for the July 4th release of Harvest.  It'll be available at all the major booksellers and select independents nationwide.



Alan Welker

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