Living in Terror: Tales of Horror Novelist

March 28, 2019

What's with the title of this post? F'ed if I know, but it sounds good, right?


Been awhile since my last blog entry, but I doubt anybody noticed. (And if you have, get a life - seriously.) Anyhow, in last month I've written nearly an entire manuscript. The project just hit me, and I've put everything else on hold until I get it done.


Waiting for the next episode of my podcast, THE 13TH STORY? Well, you might be waiting awhile. I had not one, but three guests fall through within a week and that pretty much killed the show.


Comedy... I was making a start as stand-up for about a year and a half, but then life got in the way. Thing is, I was good. Audiences loved me. And though I've been away from that scene for quite some time now, I regret it. So, I'm making a return. Nothing big. Got some new material and will be doing the open mic circuit and building an act. The goal is to get an hour set together within the next few years...


Remember, it's always a good day to read some f'ed up shit.  If you haven't read Die Anne what are you waiting for?

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