The Podcast & Halloween

October 29, 2018

Well, the podcast, The 13th Story with Alan Welker, has been keeping me pretty busy.  Just recorded two interviews in two days with short story writer Isaac Thorne and filmmaker Gino Alfonso.  I also finished putting together Episode 1, featuring Nick Younker, which will be uploaded on Halloween.


The 2018 Season is short, consisting of only three episodes: Halloween, and the 13th November and December.  In 2019, I'm planning on running a full season of 13 episodes which will be uploaded every 13th with a bonus one on Halloween.


As for my writing, I've been working on my latest novel, but it's been slow going.   I just have too much shit going on right now.  My family is in the middle of a move and I've been out every f'ing day doing shit in preparation.  And when I'm not out, I've been so damn tired.  I'm looking forward to actually being settled into the new place and have a somewhat normal schedule again.  Then, maybe just maybe, I can focus on writing.


If you know me at all, you know that Halloween is my holiday.  I don't really care about Thanksgiving and I f'ing HATE Christmas on so many levels.   I love Halloween though.  Unfortunately, the last two years I haven't been able celebrate really.  Last year, I got in an argument with my girlfriend and she decided not to participate with her part of the costume pair - the Skully to my Mulder.  And that just f'ing sucked.  Halloween comes but once a year and it was f'ing ruined because of some bullshit tiff.  This year, my family is over two-thousand miles away, so we can hardly go out together,  It's really the only f'ing day of the year where I really want to get out and do something...


Anyway, enough bitching.  At least I'm back home in Washington State...


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