The Pilot

October 14, 2018

Well, it's finally here - the day I record the first interview for THE 13TH STORY podcast.  The guest is horror writer and journalist Nick Younker, so it should be a great show. There's a lot riding on this interview though since it is the first one, so naturally I'm a little nervous going in.  It'll be a great show though, I'm sure.  Subscribe on Castbox and look for it this Halloween.


I've got some other guests lined up, but I'm still looking to book more.  Hell, I'm looking to book as many guests as I can.  Makes it easier down the line not having to scramble for guests.  And it's free advertising for them, so win-win.  That's really the point of the show - to promote horror writers.


On another note, the latest edition of CHAIN REACTION is all set a put together.  It'll be released soon.  As promised, the edition comes with a free eBook link and has a lower price.

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