July 13, 2018

Right, so what's going on with me?  I don't even know.  Have about a week left to finish production on You've Got Red On You, the film project I'm directing with the local Boys and Girls Club, and then I'm just going to have three days or so to piece the whole thing together.  In other words, nightmare on the horizon, right?  If I pull this off on-time, I'll be surprised as anyone.  At the very least, with all the problems, I can say that I do have some very devoted kids who have worked very hard.  (I only wish the kid cast in the leading role had their work ethic.)  Whatever happens, this will all be behind me in a few short weeks and I can get back to writing.


In other news, fans of Shattered Halo might be interested to know that there's going to be a rather dramatic change.  The title refers to a conversation in an early draft which didn't make it into the final manuscript.  For one reason or another, the title stayed the same.  It was like a working title that ending up going to print even though it doesn't really fit all that well.  And to be honest, it has never sit right with me.  So after wrestling with this for awhile and talking it over with some people in my orbit, I've decided to take the drastic step of rebranding the novel.  While the official title will remain Shattered Halo (mostly for legal purposes), it will be re-released by the name Die Anne.

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