April 27, 2018

There is a wide misconception about what actually goes into being a novelist - things you don't really think about until you're the in front of the keyboard.


As most of you know, I got my first byline at the age of 17 - a short story.  Over the course of over a decade thereafter, I published a string of shorts in literary magazines and reviews,  It wasn't until about four years ago that my focus shifted to novels.


With short stories, marketing was part of the equation.  I wrote, found a publisher, and collected.  When it comes to novels; however, the focus is really on cultivating your "brand."


Coming up with ideas is easy.  Outlining and drafting, while time consuming and sometimes tedious, is also not all that difficult.  Now I'm not going to lie; finding a publisher can be a real pain in the ass.  And if you clear that hurtle, you finally are faced with the struggle to become known.


As of now, I am a roughly a quarter of the way writing my fourth novel.  Once I get it finished and all squared away, I'm going to take some time off from writing for awhile to focus on building my brand.


As for All the Time in the World - my latest novel, it will be on store shelves before the end of the year.


- Regards

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