After America

April 3, 2018

I'm happy to announce that the first part of my dystopian novella series After America is now available on Amazon.  It will also be available at Barnes and Noble and select booksellers nationwide.  Unlike my other works, it is appropriate for young adults, but adults should also find it an entertaining worthwhile read.


I really enjoy classic dystopian works (such as We, 1984, and Brave New World) and I've wanted to put out my work in this genre for some time now, but the timing never seemed right.  The fact of the matter is, I started some outlines in the past and did some drafting, but I wasn't satisfied with my angle.  Finally last year, around the time that Donald Trump took office, I began to see a future America that nobody, regardless of politics, would like to be a part of - a distinctly American hell born out of greed and apathy.  Shortly thereafter, I sketched some characters and envisioned the world of the story.  I thought about what would bring us from now to then, and it is a much shorter trip than I'm sure many of my readers will be comfortable with.  Of course, then I wrote the rough draft and set it aside for awhile.  After coming back to it, there were several things I adjusted and envisioned - as is usually the case.  The result is a first volume I'm completely satisfied with and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback.


There is the question as to why it's is a novella series as opposed to a single novel.  There are two reasons.  First and foremost, having been a professional educator at the local high school for the past six years, I have gotten a feel for attention span of that age group.  From my experiences in the classroom, students are much more willing to read a novella than a full length novel as an assignment.  This is also a way of trying out series writing.  With the exception of a few short stories, I've been focused on writing novels for the last several years - all of which are stand alone works.  More recently, however, I've been warming to the idea of writing a series of novels.  It's the idea of developing a story and character over time which is appealing to me.  As such, depending on my experience with After America, a novel series may be in the works.


In the meantime, I'm working on yet another novel project.  No rest for the wicked...


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