Drowning Rain

March 6, 2018

Hey there...  I've been so sick this year.  Just getting over the flu (for the second time) and strep and I still feel like hell, but things may be looking up.


I got the proof of the latest edition of my first novel Drowning Rain and couldn't be happier with it.  Absolutely love how the cover art turned out.  The edition also marks the first time I've engaged in cross-marketing.  It invites readers to explore one of my other works with the inclusion of sample chapters.  The next edition of Chain Reaction will contain cross marketing as well.


Currently, I am involved in the marketing phase of my most recent novel Shattered Halo and I have a partner who has graciously stepped in to assist me on that front.  She has some great ideas I've overlooked and I'm excited about growing my brand.  Of course in order to do that, I actually have to write new material.


On the topic of writing, I'm in the editing phase of my novella After America.  Set not too far in the future, this dystopia satirizes the greed and corruption currently at the heart of the US government.  Among other things, it also addresses the duality of technological advancements.  It is the first part of an up-coming series.


Within the next few weeks I will be returning to my next novel project with the working title All the Time in the World.  Inspired by one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, I'm taking the concept and sprinting to places not even Black Mirror would tread.


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