February 19, 2018

Alright, well I've kind of been all over the board with what I was going to do next.  Sometimes it's just hard because I have so many ideas for writing projects and what I want to do, and I just want to go after them all.  So, of course, I need to set my mind on a project and focus.  And I have.  The novella project The Outsider has been shelved and I'll get back to it at some point.  The full length novel All the Time in the World is next on the agenda.  Right now, I'm working on the novella After America and I'll be wrapping it up very soon - sometime this week for sure.


I am a big fan of Aldous Huxley.  Brave New World and Island are wonderful reads.  And I had the idea for a long time that someday I'd put out my own spin on the dystopia genre, but I never could find the right angle.  That is, until After America


Unlike my more recent works, After America truly is a novella.  It has a single storyline and is intended to be experienced during a single sitting or over a relatively brief period of time.  Moreover, it is also written with young adults in mind,  The book would be absolutely appropriate in a high school classroom.  One thing I'm also considering is making the concept into a series and I already have some strong ideas on how I'd expand the concept.


If everything goes according to plan, After America should be released this summer, so keep an eye out.


Be bold.  Be honest.  Be you.  Peace...



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