January 19, 2018

Right, so I was working on the novel All the Time in the World when I was struck with an idea for another work.  This happens all the time.  Usually I just jot down the idea, maybe make an outline, and set it aside for a future project.  Well, not this time...


I've shifted my focus to an experimental novella - under the working title The Stranger - and already have a huge chunk done.  Very exciting.  It's unlike anything I've ever written before in both form and functionality; you'll see what I'm talking about when you read it.


As for All the Time in the World, I might go back to that immediately after wrapping up The Stranger, or I might go back and put the finishing touches on another novella I've been working on: After America.


What you have to understand is that writing Shattered Halo didn't just happen over night.  It is the longest and most complicated novel I've written to date.  I wrote the manuscript, and then I rewrote some areas, and then I rewrote some yet again.  All in, it took me just over two-years.  And now that I have that novel under my belt, I'm thinking that I really just want to get my novella projects written before taking on another larger, complex work.


Of course, there is another factor weighing on me.  No, not money.  Promotion.  I'm putting together a book tour to promote Shattered Halo and I really want to go all in with it.  So, that's really where my head is at right now.


As far as what I write, I'm becoming more and more committed to satire.  Satirical suspense to be more precise,  I like taking people's expectations and turning them on their head.  I like presenting things in a way that gets the reader thinking - even in a work of fiction.  I like it when people are offended by my protagonists because what that reveals to the reader about their own perspective.  There's nothing right or wrong in that; it just is.


On a side note, if you're reading one of my novels, don't expect to find a well-adjusted, morally upstanding protagonist.  All of the protagonists in my novels to date have deep seeded psychological and emotional issues.  And that's done on purpose.  They have flaws.  They have countless flaws.  And that to me is what makes them human - realistically human.


Until whenever, take care. 

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