'Tis the Season...

December 18, 2017

It's not even officially Winter yet, and I'm already sick for a second time this season.  Unfortunately, this effects my ability to write.  In order to work on a story, my head has to be in the right place and I need to be able to focus.  Even writing this post is something of a challenge in the present state.


I write this not to elicit pity.  I'm aware that everyone feels ill from time-to-time and there are millions worse off than me.  Instead, I'm writing this simply to keep you - my readers - up to date on my progress.


On an unrelated note, I am looking forward to my third novel, Shattered Halo, hitting store shelves in January of 2018.  An eReader edition will also be released.


Peace & Happy Holidays,

Alan Welker

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