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December 11, 2017

Hello everyone.


Thank you for taking some time out of your busy day to read my blog.  The purpose of this is to keep you - my readers and perspective readers - informed on what's going on with me and my works.  And it's in that spirit, I'd like to tell you all about my latest work, Shattered Halo.


Shattered Halo is my most ambitious work to date with a suspense-filled storyline.  Like Drowning Rain, it is set against the backdrop of the Seattle area and encapsulates the city during a particular time.  Moreover, fans of my last novel, Chain Reaction, will enjoy the complex psychology of the protagonist and main characters surrounding him.  And of course, like my previous novels, there is a satirical edge to Shattered Halo.  The satire of this work relates to modern relationships and personal entitlement.  Still overall, this novel is a departure from my previous works.  The plot revolves around an unique take on a love triangle which I utilize to dramatically build suspense until the final page.  I purposely write so my readers can follow along, but never know quite where the story is headed.  Of course, there are clues in the form of foreshadowing, but those are merely glimpses of what's ahead - not a big reveal.  As such, it should be difficult for my readers to put the novel down.


Shattered Halo will be available in stores in January of 2018 and I will be out again promoting the novel with book signings.  Hope to see you there.


Currently, I have a couple of novels I'm working on.  There's After America - a dystopian work set in the near future.  The one I'm really focused on though, All the Time in the World, is a light-hearted horror (oxymoron?) in which a common man is granted the ability to control time.  Odd as it may seem, I also started writing a children's book this weekend.


I guess that's about it.  Peace.




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