Useful Idiots

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of a coup.

America has become overrun by what Stalin termed "useful idiots." In particular, they are useful to the powers that be - the wealthiest Americans and multinational corporations who control the political policies of the United States. And these men and women are useful indeed as they actually argue, vote, and fight to keep in place a system which systematically suppresses the masses while bolstering their own position. These are the people who swallow whole whatever the corporate media propaganda without question, and then repeat the venomous words as if they were gospel. These are the people who define a "patriot" as blindly following the lead of the government. And these are the people who turn their back to the few politicians who'd actually make a positive change for average hard-working Americans.

Of course, it's clear that the supporters of the appointed criminal currently sitting as US President are clearly useful idiots. Even as many of them struggle to get from paycheck to paycheck and suffer the effects of a climate that has gone from bad to total shit storm, they let the constant barrage of propaganda circumvent rational thought. Yes, it's clear that Trump supporters are useful idiots, but they're not alone.

Centrist Democrats are just as illogical and dangerous to the progress of America. In a way, they are worse. They know that America is a total shit show, but don't support candidates who'd actually strike a blow for We the People. They shit on Progressives like Warren and Sanders, having bought the propaganda that such candidates that couldn't get the votes - an argument that holds no water at all. (If a Progressive like Warren or Sanders received the DNC nomination, they would by supported by Centrist, Progressives, and majority of Independents.)

It's a fact that most of America's allies are Social Democracies (World Population Review). During the reconstruction following World War II, former members of the FDR Administration assisted in drafting the foundations of government in Western Europe and Japan. The same style of government was proposed in the US, but FDR died before it could be put in place. As a result, America has fallen behind in terms of poverty rates, labor support, average wages, and social services (The Century Foundation).

The illegal strike on Iranian officials by Trump was undoubtedly an attempt to bolster his position in an election year. It's precisely the thing that Trump accused former President Obama of doing in a 2011 video. Much like the false "weapons of mass destruction" claim W used to justify the strike on Iraq, Trump's claim of an "imminent threat" rings equally hollow. There has been no evidence - none at all - to support Trump's claim. Moreover, by targeting members of a foreign state for assignation, Trump himself is a terrorist. His recent threats to target Iranian cultural cites would, if carried out, violate international law.

None of our allies support the assignation of Iranian officials - not the UN Security Counsel and certainly not NATO. If we go to war, which looks like a foregone conclusion at this point, we will be going alone.

Donald J. Trump is not a legitimate President. He was not elected by We the People, but rather appointed by the Electoral College. The Founders who established the system as a way of reconciling population differentials by region, never intended for electorates to overrule the Popular Vote. The system now in place is a complete bastardization of its design (History Channel).

Now We the People are being held in the balance between an orange stain in the White House and the rest of the world, and we have useful idiots to thank.

How did we get here? Personally, I think the problem is that education is has been vilified, and the masses are not being taught how to question and think for themselves. Of course, the dissolution of the FCC Fairness Doctrine during the Reagan doesn't help matters either. While it was in place, news organizations had to present both sides of the issues equally. Without it, media outlets dispense propaganda rather than news: CNN, MSNBS, FOX, and all the rest.

We the People are in dire need of a Progressive in the White House. It's the only way things will ever change for the betterment of We the People in the US - short of a bloody coup that is.