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The Three Post

#WritersLife #Neverendingstory

Yeah, three months into 2022, and I'm finally getting around writing the year's first blog entry. What can I say? My New Year's Resolution was to work on procrastination, and I've really stuck with it. Impressive, right?

You're either subjecting yourself to this shit to satisfy some masochist urges, or you want updates. Both perhaps. Well then, I'll start off with the movie adaptation of Harvest. The project is still in post-production. Last I heard, they were close to a final cut - getting the soundtrack and what not completed. As for when and where you'll be able to see it, you're guess is as good as mine, but I'll keep y'all updated. The second installment of the Twisted Tales dark fantasy series, Snow, is still set to be released this Halloween; however, I was sick for nearly two weeks and didn't get a word written whilst down. Also dealing with some mental health shit (shocker, right?), so meeting the deadline is a dubious prospect at best. Worst case scenario, I drop dead right here and the book is never completed. Meanwhile, missing the deadline would only result in a delayed release, contractual consequences, and damage to "my brand" (f'ing hate that term). M'eh.

On the plus side, my long-term relationship is continuing to weather the never-ending story (i.e. the f'ing pandemic), but the installation on this wire has been worn away and shits beginning to really fray. Luckily, we've found the electrical tape and should start applying it liberally and often. (And that's wha'cha call "milking a metaphor," folks.) Sure most of y'all are dealing with similar shit if not worse. On the plus side, we all now know what house arrest would be like. (How's that for a silver lining?)


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