The Reflective Post

Lately I've been wondering about my career as a writer - thinking about the state of things, what I set out to do, motivations, and what I've accomplished. While I've had some success, I'm not a mainstream author by any stretch of the imagination. It's pretty safe to say that most people, even avid readers of horror, have never heard of me and probably never will. Tough pill to swallow sometimes - the truth, but there are moments when one just has to step back and look at the big picture and ask yourself the uncomfortable questions.

I've been writing since... F', don't know when. My first manuscripts, aside from the handwritten drafts, were written on a typewriter. It's been awhile. Must have been in Grade 7 or 8. Maybe earlier. Anyway, it's always been an outlet. In my early years, it was the perfect escape from the chaos of my home life. From then on, it has always been incorporated somewhere - even when I was doing other things. Back when I was a Pro-Am and fronting punk bands in LA, I remember writing lyrics - putting songs together - was my thing. For a short stint, I did stand-up, was working on jokes all the time.

Now with the movie and hardcover first edition coming out in October, I finally feel validated. For the first time, I really think that maybe this is the time to move on. Maybe focus on my visual art. I don't know...

Overall, there's just this restlessness. It's not just from Covid; everyone's feeling that these days. I'm talking about restlessness that comes with age - life, responsibilities, the gradual breakdown of the body and limitations that come with it. It really is an odd place to be in.