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The Movie Post

#Horror #Thriller #Suspense #GoneHollywood

Yep. It's actually happening. The film adaptation of my fourth novel, Harvest, is currently in pre-production and will be shot next month in Colorado with Compatible director Gino Alfonso at the helm.

I think it's pretty safe to assume that this (having one of your works make it the big screen) is a common ambition for us writers, and I don't mind saying that it's absolutely a dream come true. It's the kind of validation that few of us ever receive and I cannot express the immensity of my gratitude towards everyone involved with the project - Gino especially.

Next month, I'll have the opportunity to meet the cast and crew of the movie, and even be on-screen as an extra along with my daughter - something we're both very much looking forward to. What I'm looking forward to most, however, is actually being able to lay down on the sofa and watch the movie on a streaming service. Of course, having a piece off the backend will be nice too.

Many authors - perhaps most - want the movie to be just like the book; however, that's not a concern of mine. The novel was my project. The film, on the other hand, is the director's and I'm not one to stifle the vision of an artist. Since then, I've been kept in the loop, seen the development of the script, and was able to give some notes. And honestly, I couldn't be happier with screenplay. There's no doubt in my mind that the movie is going to turn out great.

I'm sure this'll not be the last time I post about this. Check back for more later...


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