Release of the Wolf


My upcoming novel TRANSFORMER is not just another work in the DIE ANNE Universe, but actually lays the groundwork for a direct sequel to HARVEST. In a chapter called "Release of the Wolf," Ayden Wells (the protagonist of HARVEST) appears in a bar scene and, simply by happenstance, has a conversation with TRANSFORMER'S antihero. During the course of the scene, it's revealed how Ayden came to be released and, in no uncertain terms, portrays him as more dangerous than ever.

Ayden isn't the only blast from the past to be found in TRANSFORMER. Within the pages of my latest work, readers are also invited to catch-up with Jenna - the infamous femme fatale from DIE ANNE. As for her role in the current novel; however, you're just going to have to read it to find out.

Spoilers aside, I want to touch on another work of mine: AFTER AMERICA. Originally it was intended to be a series of novelettes - an experiment to see how a short fiction series would go. Unfortunately, though it was well received and the rest of the sections were outlined, I simply lost interest in expanding on that world. The thing is, a dystopian satire of the current political climate cuts too deep, and hits too close. It's emotionally draining to focus on such a topic - and this from a guy who writes Horror/Suspense. In truth, I will never get back to that series; however, it is likely to resurface in an anthology of shorts.

Speaking of things that died out, my podcast THE 13TH STORY hasn't run for some time now. With that, I didn't just lose interest and abandoned the project. In fact, I actually had three more guests lined up as well as a proper sponsor. Unfortunately, a perfect storm of technical difficulties and rescheduling issues lead to missed recording deadlines. And after that, things just snowballed until taking a step back was the best course of action. As for whether or not it'll return, I have no plans to get back behind the mike at this time.

Looking to the future, TRANSFORMER will drop this April. The follow-up novel, CONFESSION OF A SERIAL KILLER, has no release date planned as of yet, but is likely to appear on store shelves early next year. (In part, this is because TRANSFORMER is expected to be a breakout novel with a significant promotional campaign.) After CONFESSION, there are a couple of options, but the next offering will likely be a break from novels - an anthology of Horror/Suspense shorts called FUN WITH EXSANGUINATION which I have been working on for some time. Of course, I will get back to HUMAN WRECKAGE at some point.

In a lot of ways, HUMAN WRECKAGE is my white whale. I've been working on it for years, and each time I go back to the project, I see something more, rewrite to fit the evolved vision, and then I just can't bring it to fruition. It's incredibly frustrating. Maddening really. One day, however, I will get it written and it will be the best work of my career. And while I can't say for certain, HUMAN WRECKAGE will also likely be the last of my literary works.