Insanity Now

Typically I shy away from discussing politics online, but you're here on my blog.

This is the third day in a new year, and already things have moved from bad to worse - oh, so much worse. For those of you who missed it, the Donald J. Trump unilaterally (without consulting the Gang of Eight as required) decided to assassinate Iranian members of state. In other words, Trump took it upon himself to kill, not terrorists, but members of a foreign state. It was an illegal act perpetrated by a sitting American President.

With the exception of Israel, none of our allies support the action. Reactions across the globe are of shock, awe, and disgust for how such actions were carried out. The members of NATO have spoken out against the attack, as has the UN Security Counsel. China is dumbfounded by American actions. And even Trump's buddy nation of Russia has spoken out against the attack.

Of course, Iran is vowing revenge. Whether it be a military strike, or cyber attack, or both, Iran will respond. Trump, by his actions, has done nothing more than sown the seeds of further blow-back, and put American lives at risk.

How was this even possible? Seriously, how does Trump have the ability to wage war on his own terms without consulting anyone on an official capacity? It's like a modern day Dr. Strangelove scenario, except instead of a rouge general, it's the President.

As Americans, it is imperative that we get this orange stain, and his unholy minions, out of office. More than that, however, we need reforms to ensure unilateral actions like this cannot take place in the future. And we need to normalize our relations with Iran once again.

The reason why the Middle East region is unstable is really quite simple. It's unstable because we (the US) make it unstable. In the 21st Century, nearly every conflict the US has been involved in (including 9-11) has been blow-back from Reagan-era policies. And now, we're just sowing the seeds of future wars. And the fact of the matter is, the Military Industrial Complex (companies that pour money into the coffers of war hawks) are banking on it.

In closing, we don't need another war, just another President.