A Vision of 2020

Updated: Jan 2


Alright, so here it is on the cusp of a New Year, and I'm starting with a brand new blog. The old one has been deleted. Gone. Just like my sanity.

For those of you who visit my site regularly, you probably noticed that everything has been updated and completely redesigned. The old layout was fine, but I was sick of looking at it. Needed to shake things up a bit in terms of style, and hopefully it's more user-friendly.

Looking ahead, there are several things on the horizon. First and foremost, I'm pleased to announced that my latest novel TRANSFORMER is still on track to be released this April. In some ways, it's similar to what I've written before, but this work pushes the envelope even further and the subject matter, as well as the protagonist, are a reflection of contemporary America, and a product of what we have been experiencing as a society. While I'm not going to get all high-minded and suggest that this novel is a piece of great literature, it definitely can hold its own in the Suspense/Horror genre.

I'm also pleased to announce that my older works (DROWNING RAIN, CHAIN REACTION, and AFTER AMERICA) will be out-of-print. At the same time, along with the release of TRANSFORMER, new editions of DIE ANNE and HARVEST are set to drop. Along with this, for the first time really since DIE ANNE was released, I'll be embarking on a multi-city book tour.

There is potentially much bigger news on the horizon. While I can't go into details just yet, there is talk of something that would be a very big deal on a professional front.

On the personal front, I also have plans, but are playing things pretty close to the chest. No sense in announcing things until they're settled.

To anyone out there reading this, have a great 2020.